Food Themes Casinos and Slots in Canada

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History of Casino in Canada

Casino games in Canada date back as far as the 1800s. In these days, the gambling machines were simple structures with slots developed on rocks or trees. Casinos have evolved since then thanks to Charles Fay who came up with three reels, five slot machines. Since then, different companies in Canada went into more in-depth research and development of more advanced casino games.

With the advanced technology, more companies invested in Casinos. In 1976, Fortune Coin CO. developed a modern electric online slot game. More automated slots machines followed from that time. Up to date, there are different advanced slots, which offer a breathtaking gambling experience.

Gambling in Canada

Slots machines appeared on the market when the Government had issued a ban on gambling. Decades later, the Government allowed gambling under a condition someone did it for charity purpose. It was in the 90s when the Canadian government loosened the laws to allow individuals to own casinos and control gambling. The first casino owned by the government opened in Winnipeg. Later more individuals obtained licenses and opened casino premises across different provinces. Years later, casino game became popular in entire Canada.

What is AfmCanada?

AfmCanada is an online site, which has composed a list of different casinos available in different provinces of Canada and food themes used in the casinos. The primary users of this site are gamblers who want to locate a casino of their choice. People seeking more information about casinos can also use AfmCanada site.

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